Live Through Your Wound
Jé Maverick
Thursday, July 5, 2012

Live through your Wound.

Allow your monsters to leap and crawl through it repeatedly: let them devour you time and time and time and time again.

Gather the edges of your Wound to you as though a blanket - comfort yourself there, warm yourself in the jet of Hurt that bubbles and spurts like a fountain of Truth.

Meditate on the essence of Wounding, until Wound becomes mantra. On the Emptiness of Wound until Wound becomes Nothing. Until Wound becomes indivisible from Self.

Be the Wound.

Fully inhabit the Wound. Master the state of Woundedness, and therein, all of the possibilities that infinite themselves.

Invite others to your Wound. Fuck there - time and time and time and time again. Have them locate it as the center through which your Love is illuminated.

Love through your Wound. Love only from the safety of your Wound. Convince others that Wound is just another name for Love.

Look upon another's Wound, then back upon your own. Compare Sufferings. Compare stories. Create better ones.

Or Listen.

Or Heal.

Or Heal another.

Discover that it is impossible to Dream through the wound.


Be The Wound
Be The Wound

Take care, keep safe, and stay beautiful,

With love and peace,

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  1. sondra says on April 27, 2013 at 2:47 pm:

    I can enter this poem and explore. I find its message in rooms that communicate, as it were. Yet I can't resolve this visual image with this poem. Perhaps if I'd seen it first, but that is the nature of reading good material on-line (scroll, scroll.) I don't know if you want to rethink it or not. It's just my experience. I come from a space of understanding this firsthand. I only tell you this so you can see that this is effective and speaks its truth in a fresh and forthright way. It informs, soothes, challenges, aids and touches the reader. I can't suggest an image, but in my mind something from nature speaks, maybe? All living things have wounds. Flora, fauna, animal, vegetable, or mineral. . . Dunno.

    • Jé Maverick says on May 21, 2013 at 1:06 pm:

      I was really taken by the image, and felt that it was best for the piece at the time, but may well have mirrored my mood (which, in and of itself, probably didn't reflect the poem.). In a sense, it's perhaps a good historical marker for where I was at the time, and I think I'll leave it linked for posterity. Your comment will also aid with this, so thank you. :)

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